Web site: github.com/ctm/executor Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: MIT Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Executor_(software) First release: 1990 Executor – a Macintosh emulator that is able to run many ancient Mac OS 680×0 binaries (System 6 era, early System 7) without using any intellectual property from Apple Computer. It’s not a true emulator … Read more Executor



Web site: rephial.org Category: Games Sub-Category: Console Platform: Linux, OS X, UNIX-like, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: Angband_(video_game) First release: 1990 Angband – a single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation derived from the game Moria, which was in turn based on Rogue. Angband started life as a game called Moria in the 1980s in a … Read more Angband



Web site: spimsimulator.sourceforge.net Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Linux, UNIX-like, OS X, Windows License: BSD Interface: GUI Wikipedia: SPIM First release: 1990 Spim – a self-contained simulator that runs MIPS32 assembly language programs. spim also provides a simple debugger and minimal set of operating system services. Spim is a machine simulator based on the MIPS processor, … Read more Spim



Web site: (not active) Category: Others Platform: AIX, Linux, Solaris License: unknown Interface: CLI Wikipedia: Wabi_(software) First release: 1990 Wabi – a UNIX application that enables you to run Microsoft Windows applications on several Linux operating environments that use the X Window System. Wabi acts as an interface between the Windows world and the UNIX … Read more Wabi