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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: unknown (source code available)
Interface: GUI
First release: May 19, 2007

All-in-1 Emuloader – a program that enables you to load emulators on your Nintendo Gamecube/Wii, using a nice graphical interface.

It enables you to load & run the following emulators on your Nintendo Gamecube:
– Genesis Plus (Sega Megadrive)
– SMS Plus (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
– FCEuGC (Nintendo Entertainment System)
– GnuboyGX (Gameboy & Gameboy Color)
– Snes9xGX (Super Nintendo)
– HugoGC (NEC Pc-Engine)
– NeoPop (SNK NeoGeo Pocket)
– Neo-CD Redux (SNK NeoGeo CD)

* Nice GUI which let you choose the console system to play
* “All-in-1” DOL which directly includes all the supported emulators executables
* LZMA (7Zip) support for emulator package in order to reduce the final dol’s size
* automatic bootable DVD iso generation (batch file and all needed tools included)

All these emulators were initially developped to run on the Gamecube, they run on the Wii because of the GC compatible mode but there are still some restrictions that you should take care of:
* The last version of the NES emulator holds because it didn’t recognize the WII drive ID. You have to use a special version (however based on an older version), that you can download here.
* PAL Wii users may experience some display problems when running these emulators. You should use special PAL50 versions when they exist. Actually only GenesisPlus and Snes9xGX 2.0 denman’s special PAL version have been modified to support PAL50.
* There is actually a limit of 1.35Gb for the DVD compilation size, which is hardcoded in the sourcecode of the emulators. This means that the majority of the emulators won’t be able to load roms which are stored over this limit. Actually, this neocdredux modified version is the only one that allows to go up the 4.7Gb limit.

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