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Category: Others
Platform: Linux
License: unknown (open-source)
Interface: CLI
First release: October 21, 2016

CrazyWa – an AI engine for several variants of Shogi (Japanese chess), and some variants of Chess.

CrazyWa is a program that plays several shogi and chess variants with piece drops, on boards of sizes up to 11 x 11, and with maximally 32 piece types. Currently it can play mini-shogi, Judkin’s shogi, tori shogi, regular shogi, wa shogi and crazyhouse. In the future it might play more shogi variants.

CrazyWa uses the XBoard/WinBoard chess-engine protocol to communicate. It thus can use XBoard as a graphical interface for the variants also supported by the latter. For wa shogi the use of XBoard 4.9.1 is recommended.

Normally XBoard will use western-style chess symbols to represent the pieces. XBoard’s board themes is configurable, though, and can use externally provided png or svg images for the pieces. Piece sets for traditional oriental pieces for shogi and various shogi variants are available. Some of these make use of XBoard’s capability to write unicode inscriptions on the piece images, to synthesize arbitrary kanji pieces ‘on the fly’ from just a few images of blank shogi tiles. A ‘mnemonic’ piece theme of geometric shapes is also available.

It currently plays the following games:
* crazyhouse, a variant of Chess including Shogi-like drops
* Standard Shogi
* Mini Shogi
* Judkin’s Shogi
* Tori Shogi
* Euro Shogi
* Wa Shogi
* Kyoto Shogi

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