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Web site: ddnet.org
Category: Games
Sub-Category: Arcade
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: BSD, Zlib
Interface: GUI
First release: 2007

DDNet (DDraceNetwork) – a free and open-source actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server.

Upon starting the game, you will be prompted to set a name, afterwards it will ask whether you want to play the tutorial map – it is recommended you do so. It will show you how to do basic movement with some visual aid.

From the main menu, click on Play and then select a server, it is recommended that new players join Tutorial map. It is best to play only Novice servers at first, then when you understand the basics of the game you can move on to more challenging map types,like Moderate or DDmaX. To see these maps, remove the word ‘Novice’ from the filter.

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