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Category: Emulators
Platform: Android, BSD, Linux, Windows, Maemo, OSF/1, Solaris, SunOS
License: unknown (source code available)
Interface: GUI
First release: 1996

MasterGear – a program that emulates 8bit SEGA videogames on your computer. It runs games made for SEGA MasterSystem (Mark3 in Japan) and GameGear, as well as their predecessors: SG1000, SC3000, SF7000, and Mark2. MG will also help hobbyists who still write software for these systems to debug their works without using rare and costly development hardware.

MasterGear does not contain any games, as they are copyrighted by the companies which produced them. You will have to find the cartridge images yourself, using Google or other search engines. I do suggest you buy the original cartridge for every image you are using, or use a copier on the cartridges you own.

MG is written in portable C language and will run on any sufficiently fast computing device, be it a computer, a videogame console, a PDA, an MP3 or DVD player, a set-top box, a cell phone, or even a digital camera. For example, MG has been successfully used to add gaming capabilities to several DVD players.

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