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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: ARM
License: unknown
Interface: GUI
First release: 1994

MZX – a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator.

MZX version 1.10 is the third release of the ARM Unlimited ZX Spectrum emulator, and replaces version 1.02.

There are many improvements from the previous release, the main ones being:
– Single and multitasking modes combined, switchable at run-time.
– Improved WIMP front-end.
– .Z80 snapshot loading capability implemented.
– Emulation speed increased by up to 100% (application dependant). Emulation at up to 100% of Spectrum speed is now possible even on an ARM2 machine.
– RISC OS 2 support removed; code modified to mostly run on a RiscPC 600.
– Limited sound support added.
– Instruction set revised, interrupt handling improved. MZX now runs an estimated 95% of snapshots without problems.
– Keyboard handling completely rewritten and extended.
– Single tasking runs in a custom mode.
– Support for Acorn joystick and keyboard joystick emulation added.
– Speed control for ARM3 machines included.
– Display drivers rewritten; BRIGHT support added.

At any time after starting the emulator, you may load a snapshot file of type SNA or Z80 by either dragging its icon to the icon bar icon, or by dragging it into the MZX emulation window.

Concept and coding by Graham Willmott.

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