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Web site: github.com/pete-gordon/oricutron
Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, AROS, MorphOS, OS/4
License: unknown (open-source)
Interface: GUI
First release: March 31, 2009

Oricutron – a portable Oric-1/Atmos/Telestrat and Pravetz 8D computers emulator. Ir is written in C, it uses SDL libraries. It can be ported to other systems. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, MorphOS, AmigaOS. It has 16 and 32 bit rendering mode. The last version released in 2010.

Oricutron can display a visual keyboard which also adds a keyboard mapping redefinition feature.

Oricutron can emulate ACIA at address #31C (standard address for Telestrat). The emulation works for Oric, Atmos, Telestrat and Pravetz and can be used together with any disk type.

The emulated ACIA communicates with the out-side world trough back-ends. Back-ends can be configured from ‘oricutron.cfg’ or from command line (see default ‘oricutron.cfg’ for usage).

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