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Web site: github.com/coringao/osmose-emulator
Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, Windows, AmigaOS
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2001

Osmose – a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator encapsulated into C++ classes. It is for Master System and Game Gear consoles with excellent performance and compatibility in emulated games.

A multi-machine emulator for platforms of Sega consoles (Master System and Game Gear) and compatible for all games.
Simulates hardware extremely accurately which ensures that these classic games are represented exactly like they were on the real systems.
Osmose Emulator has a clean graphical user interface based on QT and a simplified setup process, and supports ROM archives in the SMS and GG formats.

– SMS: Good compatibility. At this stage, the emulator can run 96% of commercial games and public demos, except games that relies on codemaster mapper, which work but does not have proper video mode emulated.
– Game Gear: Good compatibility. At this stage, the emulator can run 98% of game gear ROMS.
– SN76489 Sound is supported.
– Support for “.sms” and “.gg” format.
– Video filters: bilinear or nearest neighbour (default).
– Pad(keyboard or joystick mapped) emulation.
– PAL/NTSC Timing.
– Japanese/Export console.
– In game Screenshots, GFX rip, sound shot.
– Configurable keyboard configuration.
– Joystick support, configurable button assignement.
– Drag and drop your ROMS into the emulator window to run games.

The original developer is Vedder Bruno (2001-2011), and continued by Carlos Donizete Froes a.k.a coringao (2016-2018).

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