Web site: Category: Machine Emulators Platform: RISC OS License: unknown Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 1992 (?) 65HOST – the Acorn’s BBC emulator. It was originally given away with the Acorn Axxxx series computers and called “Archimedes”. Although later models dropped this name, it is still copyrighted (and currently owned by Pace Microtechnology Limited), so … Read more

Tetris Classic

tetris classic

Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Puzzle Platform: MS DOS License: Proprietary Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Tetris Classic First release: 1992 Tetris Classic – a puzzle video game, a clone of Tetris created for MS-DOS by Spectrum HoloByte. TETRIS was invented by a Soviet researcher named Alexey Pajitnov who worked at the Computer Centre of the former … Read more



Web site: crossfire.real-time.com Category: Games Sub-Category: RPG Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Solaris License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Crossfire First release: 1992 Crossfire – a free, open-source, cooperative multi-player RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, 3000 areas to explore, an elaborate magic system, 13 … Read more

Stone Age

stone age

Web site: Stonehenge Soft Art (not active) Category: Games Sub-Category: Puzzle Platform: AmigaOS, Atari, DOS License: Proprietary Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 1992 Stone Age – a challenging puzzle game where you are in control of a dinosaur and you have to make him reach the exit of each cave. The dinosaur can only walk … Read more



Web site: dosemu.org Category: Others Platform: Linux License: GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: DOSEMU First release: September 3, 1992 DOSEMU – a PC Emulator application that allows Linux to run a DOS operating system in a virtual x86 machine. DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and allows you to run DOS and many DOS programs, including many … Read more