Web site: github.com/mozzwald/handy-sdl Category: Emulators Platform: Linux, BeOS, BSD, Unix-like, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 Handy/SDL – an Atari Lynx Emulator for Unix-like and Windows 32 operating system. It is a port of Handy emulator by SDLEMU and is based upon the original work by Keith Wilkins, and was released … Read more

Five or more

five of more

Web site: wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Five%20or%20more Category: Games Sub-Category: Board Platform: Linux License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 Five or more – the GNOME port of the MS Windows game called Color Lines. The game’s objective is to align as often as possible five or more objects of the same color and shape causing them … Read more



Web site: thp.io/2013/chromono/ Category: Games Sub-Category: Puzzle Platform: Linux, OS X License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 chro.mono – a puzzle game originally developed in 2013 for mobile devices. The goal of the game is to touch half-colored spheres with full-colored spheres in such a way that all spheres are filled with … Read more

Curse of War

curse of war

Web site: a-nikolaev.github.io/curseofwar/ Category: Games Sub-Category: Strategy, Console Platform: Linux, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 Curse of War – a fast-paced action strategy game for Linux implemented using C and ncurses. SDL version is available since v1.2. Unlike most RTS, you are not controlling units, but focus on high-level strategic … Read more



Web site: corsixth.com Category: Games Sub-Category: Simulation Platform: BSD, Linux, OS X, Windows License: unknown (open-source) Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 CorsixTH – a reimplementation of the 1997 Bullfrog business sim Theme Hospital. As well as faithfully recreating the original, CorsixTH adds support for modern operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux and BSD), high resolutions … Read more