Tetris Friends

Web site: www.tetrisfriends.com (not active)
Category: Games
Sub-Category: Puzzle
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Tetris Friends
First release: 2009

Tetris Friends – an online version of Tetris video game, developed by Tetris Online, Inc. It was available on its website, and previously on Facebook. Registered users could compare their scores with their friends and with the entire community. It was the only official Flash implementation of Tetris developed by the game’s official company.

Tetris Friends had 6 single player modes and 5 multiplayer modes. Players earned coins for playing any of the modes. These coins could be used to unlock new skins for the game and new tetromino styles. The version available on Facebook only had 4 of the modes available on the official website and did not have the coin system, but it did have a special mode available only on Facebook.

All modes except Tetris 1989 and N-Blox use the SRS rotational system, have a hold function that allows players to save a block for future use, and have a four-tetromino preview that allows players to preview some blocks.

Tetris Online has surpassed 1 million registered users on the official Web-based Tetris game destination in North America, Tetris Friends Online Games. This user milestone was reached just as the new community-based game Tetris Arena launched on Tetris Friends Online Games.

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