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Web site: x.mame.net
Category: Emulators
Platform: BSD, Linux
License: XMame
Interface: CLI
First release: 1997

XMame – the X version of the popular MAME emulator. By supporting different types of consoles, we can play more than 2,000 games, which, obviously, must be obtained separately and with the permission of their authors.

XMame is an arcade game machine emulator for UNIX/X11. It will emulate the hardware, video, sound, and other services, of many classic arcade game machines. Most games allow you to specify one or more options to control the behavior of xmame and that particular game. Many of these options can be preceded with “no”, which acts to disable the option in question.

The original author of xmame is Nicola Salmoria. The current version is maintained by Mirko Buffoni. Drivers for game hardware have been written and contributed by many people. The UNIX/X11 port of MAME is maintained by Juan Antonio Marinez.

In the beginning of 1997, an Italian programmer, Nicola Salmoria, started programming emulators, which were first seen on The Repository, a site dedicated to new emulator projects. The first emulator seen from him emulated Rally X, and later, many more standalone emulators surfaced. Nicola Salmoria even wrote several multi game emulators (ex. Multi PacMan, which ran all of the PacMan clones). Unfortunately, nobody really paid much attention to his efforts, since Sparcade (another arcade game emulator, presumably for the Sun SPARC architecture) had just come out, and it had many cool, fully-functional games emulated on it, unlike Nicola’s efforts.

Time passed, and Nicola started work on his Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), which provided an architecture for combining many different game emulators into one executable program.

Today, MAME has become THE de-facto arcade emulator standard around, and is being ported to many different architectures, including the Macintosh, Amiga, UNIX/X11, and even Acorn machines. A very loyal, hard-core fan base has also developed for this emulator.

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