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Web site: github.com/gabrielecirulli/2048 | github.com/xiaoyong/2048-Qt (Qt) | github.com/mevdschee/2048.c (CLI)
Category: Puzzle
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, iOS
License: MIT
Interface: GUI, CLI
First release: 2014

2048 – a small clone of 1024 game, based on Saming’s 2048 (also a clone). 2048-Qt is a clone of 2048, implemented in Qt. 2048.c is a console version of the game “2048” for GNU/Linux.

The 2048 game is a mathematics based puzzle game where you have to slide tiles in a 4×4 board in any of the four possible directions. Touching tiles with the same value are then merged into tiles with the added value of the merged ones. You start with a couple of 2-valued tiles and new tiles appear randomly after sliding. The target of the game is to reach a tile with a value of 2048 before the board is full.

You can move the tiles in four directions using the arrow keys: up, down, left, and right. All numbers on the board will slide into that direction until they hit the wall and if they bump into each other then two numbers will be combined into one if they have the same value. Each number will only be combined once per move. Every move a new number 2 or 4 appears. If you have a 2048 on the board you have won, but you lose once the board is full and you cannot make a move.

2048-Qt is a cross platform application. Currently tested on Windows and Linux. Should be able to run on Mac OS X or even Android and iOS.

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