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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Arcade
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: unknown

ACM – a lightweight flight simulator for Linux and Windows platforms. ACM is an air combat maneuvering flight simulator program originally developed by Riley Rainey until the version 5.0. Starting from that already good program, I added several new features and extensions to make the program more suitable for civil and instrumental flight.

– Available sceneries, with PDF navigation charts:
– Europe sceneries generated from the database (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom),
– USA sceneries generated from the FAA database (Boston area, Dallas area, Las Vegas area, Los Angeles area, New York area, San Francisco area, Tucson area).
– Open source, mostly GNU GPL or public domain license.
– Only C source code with small TCL launcher interface.
– Runs on Linux and Windows.
– Very small CPU and memory footprint; does not require specialized hardware.
– Simulated environment: ellipsoidal Earth (WGS-84 model), magnetic field calculation (NOAA WMM model), Sun ephemeris allow to calculate the Sun position and general scene illumination, standard atmosphere, wind and gusts, clouds.
– Aircraft models: several available, both civil and military, 6 degrees of freedom, bicycle or tricycle landing gear, aerodynamics simulation; power-plant: propeller piston engine, jet engine with afterburner, rocket, glider.
– Instrumentation: magnetic compass, classic panel (attitude indicator, airspeed indicator, altitude indicator, turn and slip indicator, climb speed indicator), HSI and RNAV calculator, ADF, head-up display, autopilot, direct stick control or rate stick control.
– Weapon systems: radar, radar warning receiver, missiles, cannon, drop bombs; robot opponents can be generated for ACM techniques practicing.
– Multiplayer capability through the standard DIS network protocol; up to 31 remote players supported.
– Sound effects.
– Extensible sceneries for several areas of the world, with navigation charts including airports, NDB, VOR, ILS.
– Allow to choose the departure date and time (Sun lighting and Earth magnetic field are calculated accordingly), airport and runway; allows to fly freely around the globe (sceneries are now dynamically loaded, where available).
– Chart program to generate navigation charts from the sceneries above.

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