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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: unknown
Interface: GUI
First release: 1998

AdamEm – a portable Coleco ADAM emulator. This is a port of Marcel’s very excellent ADAM emulator.

This improves alot on ColEm as it is more comprehensive. The ADAM was a complete computer, not just a console like the Colecovision. This emulates both fairly comfortably.

You can use the frontend to configure the state of the emulator. The options in the window are basically aliases to command line options. The frontend is fairly basic, this is mainly because it sends a command line to run the program – this means that the number of options cannot be very large, due to command line constraints. In the near future the front end and emulator shall be integrated ala !ColEm – so you can
have pause/resume by returning to the desktop. Also it will make it possible to create a multitasking version.

The emulator runs happily in a 320 by 256 mode as the screen fits nicely. The full screen modes require specially defined modes… a Mode Definition File is included. Currently it only runs in 256 colours, this will change soon, it is just a peculiarity of the emulation code.

Copyright (C) 1996 Marcel de Kogel
Acorn Port by David McEwen

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