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Web site: raine.1emulation.com
Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: unknown (open-source)
Interface: GUI
First release: 1998

Raine – an emulator of old games based on M68000 and M68020. Although it is designed for those games, the focus on titles created by Capcom, Taito and Jaleco stands out. Currently supports more than one hundred games.

Raine emulates some M68000 and M68020 arcade games and is mainly focused on Taito and Jaleco games hardware. It started as an experiment with the Rainbow Islands romset, dumped by Aracorn/Romlist. Raine can emulate many nice games now, including new additions from Cave and other companies. Sound was improved thanks to the work of Hiromitsu Shioya. More recently,

Several new programmers have joined Raine Team, adding drivers & making improvements.

Emulating cpu’s and sound chips takes quite a lot of coding time, so, like most of the current emulators, Raine uses emulation engines already available when possible.

In version 0.43.0, there is a new feature to record a set of frames + an audio file which can be used to encode a video. This is more a feature to see what can be done easily rather than an magical end-user thing which does everything. So this is intended for users who are not afraid about converting by hand a few thousands frames + a wav file into a video.

(c)1998-2002 Antiriad & Raine Team.

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