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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2004

bsnes – a multi-platform Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) emulator, originally developed by Near, which focuses on performance, features, and ease of use.

– True Super Game Boy emulation (using the SameBoy core by Lior Halphon)
– HD mode 7 graphics with optional supersampling (by DerKoun)
– Low-level emulation of all SNES coprocessors (DSP-n, ST-01n, Cx4)
– Multi-threaded PPU graphics renderer
– Speed mode settings which retain smooth audio output (50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%)
– Built-in games database with thousands of game entries
– Built-in cheat code database for hundreds of popular games (by mightymo)
– Built-in save state manager with screenshot previews and naming capabilities
– Customizable per-byte game mappings to support any cartridges, including prototype games
– 7-zip decompression support
– Extensive Satellaview emulation, including BS Memory flash write and wear-leveling emulation
– Optional higan game folder support (standard game ROM files are also fully supported!)
– Advanced mapping system allowing multiple bindings to every emulated input
– MSU1 support
– BPS and IPS soft-patching support
– Save states with undo and redo support (for reverting accidental saves and loads)
– OpenGL multi-pass pixel shaders
– Several built-in software filters, including HQ2x (by MaxSt) and snes_ntsc (by blargg)
– Adaptive sync and dynamic rate control for perfect audio/video synchronization
– Just-in-time input polling for minimal input latency
– Run-ahead support for removing internal game engine input latency
– Support for Direct3D exclusive mode video
– Support for WASAPI exclusive mode audio
– Periodic auto-saving of game saves
– Auto-saving of states when unloading games, and auto-resuming of states when reloading games
– Sprite limit disable support
– Cubic audio interpolation support
– Optional high-level emulation of most SNES coprocessors
– Optional emulation of flaws in older emulators for compatibility with older unofficial software
– CPU, SA1, and SuperFX overclocking support
– Frame advance support
– Screenshot support
– Cheat code search support
– Movie recording and playback support
– Rewind support
– HiDPI support
– Multi-monitor support
– Turbo support for controller inputs

The successor of bsnes is higan and then Ares

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