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Category: Emulators
Platform: UNIX-like, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2004

FCEUXD – a NES emulator with several powerful debugging, hacking, and reverse-engineering tools created by bbitmaster and DahrkDaiz. In January 2004, bbitmaster began working on more features, and called it “FCEUXD” (FCE Ultra Extended Debugger).

What new features are in FCEUXD?
In addition to the Debugger and PPU Viewer from FCEUD, FCEUXD has a Trace Logger, a built-in Hex Editor, a Name Table Viewer and a Code/Data Logger.

What does the Trace Logger do?
It logs every executed instruction either to a file or to the window. Logging to a file is useful if you just want to dump everything that was executed and then search through it later. Logging to the window is useful when you wish to see the instructions that were executed prior to a breakpoint being hit.

What does the built-in Hex Editor do?
Many things. It makes it easy to edit the game’s RAM, PPU memory, and even its currently-loaded ROM data. You can also “freeze” parts of RAM (to prevent the game from modifying the data there), search for data, and even copy and paste data to/from the clipboard. Furthermore, table files are supported, so you can edit a game’s text in real-time and see the result immediately.

The built-in Hex Editor is such a huge, powerful feature that it’s hard to know here to begin describing it. Basically, it lets you tinker with any part of a game’s RAM or ROM while it is running.

Parasyte modified FCE Ultra 0.81.3 in 2002, and added a Nesten-style debugger, along with several other features, and named it FCEUD (FCE Ultra Debugger).

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