Web site: www.dxx-rebirth.com Category: Games Sub-Category: FPS Platform: Linux, Unix-like, BSD, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: DXX-Rebirth First release: 2005 DXX-Rebirth – a 3D first person shooter that takes place in the distant future. The PTMC (Post Terran Mining Corporation) owns a lot of mines, spread all over planets in our solar system. … Read more DXX-Rebirth



Web site: lvogel.free.fr/stonc.htm Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Linux, Unix-like License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 2000 StonC – a variant of STonX to Curses, the Atari ST emulator for Unix/X. Unlike other emulators intended to run either modern GEM programs, or old ST games, STonC is indended to run operating systems like Minix … Read more StonC



Web site: cultivation.sourceforge.net Category: Games Sub-Category: Simulation Platform: Linux, BSD, Unix-like, OS X, Windows License: Public Domain Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2006 Cultivation – a game about the interactions within a gardening community. The resources needed for genetic propagation are tight, and relations can become tense. Cultivation explores self-interest, the common good, conflict, and … Read more Cultivation



Web site: www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/xeuphoric/ (not active) Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Unix-like, BSD, Linux License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: January 25, 1995 Xeuphoric – an X based ORIC emulator which has full support for sound, HIRES graphics, saving, loading and emulation of the original ORIC-1, Oric Atmos (default) and the Telestat (which would have … Read more Xeuphoric



Web site: cubeengine.com Category: Games Sub-Category: FPS Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, BSD, UNIX License: zlib license Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Cube_2:_Sauerbraten First release: 2004 Cube – an open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game built on an entirely new and very unconventional engine. Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an … Read more Cube