Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: RPG Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, BSD, BeOS, Haiku License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 1999 Adonthell – an open source role playing game engine in development since 1999. It is geared towards 2D, graphical, single player games in the spirit of western RPGs like Ultima VII … Read more Adonthell

Basilisk II


Web site: Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Amiga, BeOS, MorphOS, PlayStation, IRIX, Solaris License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Basilisk II First release: 1999 Basilisk II – an open source 68k Macintosh emulator. That is, it allows you to run 68k MacOS software on your computer, even if you are using … Read more Basilisk II



Web site: Category: Emulators Platform: Cross-platform License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: VisualBoyAdvance First release: 1999 VisualBoyAdvance – a GB/GBC/GBA emulator for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and BeOS. Features: – configurable GB/GBA keys, including joystick support – option to use BIOS file – zip/gzip file support – directory selection for save state, battery and … Read more VisualBoyAdvance

Windows Services For Unix


Web site: Category: Others Platform: Linux, UNIX-like License: Proprietary Interface: CLI Wikipedia: Windows Services For Unix First release: February 1999 Windows Services For Unix – a free software which provides a full range of supported and fully integrated cross-platform network services for enterprise customers to use in integrating Windows into their existing UNIX-based environments. The … Read more Windows Services For Unix