Web site: Category: Machine Emulators Platform: BeOS, Linux, Windows, RISC OS, AmigaOS, DOS, OS X, Solaris, OS/2 License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: VICE First release: 1993 VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) – an emulator for the Commodore 8-bit computer range. The Windows port of VICE is called WinVICE and emulates the C64, the C128, … Read more VICE



Web site: Category: Emulators Platform: BSD, DOS, Linux, OS X, PlayStation, Solaris, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: March 2010 jzIntv (Joe Zbiciak’s Intellivision(TM) Emulator) – a more than an emulator. It’s a complete Intellivision development kit, including several command-line utilities, programming documentation, technical information, as well as the emulator. jzIntv … Read more jzIntv

Battle Chess

battle chess

Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Board Platform: Amiga, 3D0, Acorn, Apple II, Atari, Commodore 64, DOS, Fujitsu FM TOWNS, NES, OS X, NEC, Sharp X68000, Windows License: Proprietry Interface: TUI Wikipedia: Battle Chess First release: 1988 Battle Chess – a computer game with animated three-dimensional graphics, that was originally developed by Interplay Entertainment in 1988 … Read more Battle Chess



Web site: Category: Emulators Platform: Linux, DOS, Windows, PlayStation, QNX, OSX, BeOS License: unknown (source code) Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2002 Jum52 – a cross-platform Atari 5200 emulator. It is available in MSDOS, Windows, Playstation 2, PSP, Mac, BeOS and QNX versions. The project developer is James Higgs. md5sum:

Alter Ego

alter ego

Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Console, RPG Platform: DOS, Commodore 64, OS X, Android License: Proprietary Interface: TUI Wikipedia: Alter_Ego_(1986_video_game) First release: April 27, 1986 Alter Ego – a RPG video game created by Peter J. Favaro for the Commodore 64, DOS, Apple II, and the Apple Macintosh in 1986. In this text-based interactive fiction, … Read more Alter Ego