Web site: sourceforge.net/projects/fheroes2/ Category: Games Sub-Category: Strategy Platform: Linux, BeOS, Windows/Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, AmigaOS, BSD, Android, OS X License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2003 fheroes2 – a recreation of the Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine. This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the … Read more

Tetris Advance

tetris advance

Web site: www.success-corp.co.jp/software/gba/tetris/ Category: Games Sub-Category: Puzzle Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance License: Proprietary Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2003 Tetris Advance (みんなのソフトシリーズ テトリス アドバンス) – a Tetris game published in 2003 only in Japan for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance console. It offers three easy-to-enjoy game modes and two types of competitive play. “Endless … Read more

Eat The Whistle


Web site: www.ggsoft.org/etw/ Category: Games Sub-Category: Sport Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2003 Eat The Whistle – an open-source soccer game originally developed by Hurricane Studios as commercial product for the Amiga platform. It has a lot of features never seen in other soccer games. It has … Read more



Web site: yabause.org Category: Emulators Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia (PL): Yabause First release: September 12, 2003 Yabause – a cross-platform Sega Saturn console emulator for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. There are unofficial versions for FreeBSD and the Dreamcast console. The program is … Read more



Web site: tuxarcade.sourceforge.net Category: Emulators Platform: Linux, BSD License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2003 TuxArcade – a multi-emulator frontend. It’s designed for arcade cabinets, so it doesn’t need a keyboard and a mouse, but is completely configurable via joystick. Main features are: – designed for arcade cabinet, so no need keyboard/mouse, it’s … Read more