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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, OS X, Unix
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release: January 5, 2001

asq – a simple front end for MAME emulator cabinets. It runs in a terminal window (using curses) on UNIX/Linux/OSX (might work on Windows with CygWin or ActivePerl).

It can optionally display images/screenshots for any games you have. (if perl Tk installed)

It uses MAME emulator keybindings, so you can control your MAME cabinet using just your MAME controls.

It’s a single perl script. Requires:
– Perl, which kicks ass
– Perl::Curses (Also needs a oneline change to Curses::UI, see the top of the script).
– Optionally Perl/Tk


asq 7.2KB.tar.gz
md5sum: d1246df21726e545f7bd8e883497153f

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