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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Amiga
License: unknown
Interface: CLI
First release: unknown

Amoric – a low-level emulator for Amiga with kickstart 2.04 or higher and with a 68020 or faster CPU. A 68000 version is also included but it’s not supported anymore (it’s V1.3).

To run Amoric at a correct speed, you’ll need at least a 68030/50MHz, but to get a really Oric feeling, a 68040 is better.

– A quite good 6502 emulation.
– Graphics emulation (HIRES and TEXT mode, including double height and flash modes)
– 6522 and 8912 emulation, including Timers 1 & 2, the keyboard, and the joysticks
– Load/Save on Floppy/Hard Disk (faster than the tape (really ?))
– Control Metakeys to perform different operations (Reset button, etc…)
– Sound (Not perfect yet, but cool…)
– Load/Save snapshots from/to disk/memory
– Joystick support, both P.A.S.E and programmable interfaces
– Selectable screen modes and video drivers for optimal compatibility/speed, including a monochrome display
– Localization and documentation in german, swedish, french and spanish (and english).

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