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Web site: jum.pdroms.de/emulators/emul.html
Category: Emulators
Platform: Nintendo NES
License: unknown
Interface: CLI
First release: 2000

FCEPSX – Jum’s NES Emulator (PSX version 0.3a). This is PSX version 0.002 alpha, written in GNU C (mipsgcc), using homemade libraries.

It’s an alpha version, just WIP, so some things don’t work. Sound is not implemented yet.

Frames are not vsync’ed, frame rate is about 20 fps, using a frame-skip of 3 and some cycle-count cheating.

This version is hardcoded for the Lode Runner rom (loderunr.nes). You will the loderunr.nes rom in the same directory as the emulator.

You will also need an AR or GS or Xplorer with Caetla to upload it to your PSX, so it’s really only for PSX hackers.

Once the emulator is uploaded and run, it will suck the ROM file off the PC for it’s own use:
psexe fcepsx

FCEPSX is based on Bero’s portable NES emulator FCE.

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