Beyond Oasis

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Category: Games
Sub-Category: RPG
Platform: Sega Genesis
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Beyond Oasis
First release: December 9, 1994

Beyond Oasis (The Story of Thor) – a RPG-like game developed in 1994 by Ancient Corporation from Japan for the Sega Genesis, a home video game console.

It is a one of the greatest genres of the 16-bit era was the action RPG. The category combined the leveling-up style of traditional role-playing character progression with faster, real-time combat and, generally, was a ton of fun to play.

On the mystical island of Oasis, Prince Ali embarks on a crusade against evil. The warrior prince must unleash the powers of the four Wild Spirits to stop the resurrection of a ruthless sorcerer and save the empire! As Ali, you can call on the powers of the four wild spirits to battle the evil minions of Agito. Fight off enemies with Ali’s weapons, punches and kicks… or dig deeper to discover the Hidden Super Moves… a Sega first! Flip switches, trigger plates, and use what’s left of your brain to solve mind-boggling puzzles that lead to Huge Bosses… like the Fire-breathing Red Dragon.

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