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Category: Emulators
Platform: Cross platform
License: BSD
Interface: GUI
First release: March 2010

BHole – a DOS/PC emulator mde primarily to run older games. It runs quite a few games (like Master of Magic) and supports things like EMS and pc speaker emulation.

BHole emulates the PC hardware, DOS, EMS manager and stuff like that, thus allowing you to run old programs on it, no matter on what platform you are (at least in theory).

What games BHole is known to work on:
– Master Of Magic
– Round 42
– Moon Bugs
– Exterminiator
– Rollo and the brush brothers (partially)
– Conquest

BHole now supports creating new games of Master Of Magic and not only loading existing ones.
In order to create a new game, simply do a ./bhole magic.exe and create the game, afterwards BHole will seem to have crashed, however, when you type ./bhole wizards.exe you will get the new game ready for you.

The last version of BHole was released in 2006.

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