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Category: Games
Sub-Category: RPG, Console
Platform: Linux, OSX, Windows
License: ISC
Interface: CLI
First release: September 16, 2017

Boohu (Break Out Of Hareka’s Underground) – a turn-based coffee-break roguelike game with a heavy focus on tactical positioning mechanisms.

This focus strongly influenced its weapon attack patterns, consumables and terrain features. Aiming for a replayable streamlined experience, the game avoids manual inventory management and complex character building, relying on items and player adaptability for character progression.

Every year, the elders send someone to collect medicinal simella plants in the Underground. This year, the honor fell upon you, and so here you are. According to the elders, deep in the Underground, magical stairs will lead you back to your village. Along the way, you will collect simellas, as well as various items that will help you deal with monsters, which you may fight or flee…

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