Atomic Bomberman

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Sub-Category: Arcade
Platform: Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
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First release: 1997

Atomic Bomberman – an arcade game released by the American company Interplay for PC in 1997. This game is focused on multiplayer mode, but single-player is present. The main essence of the game is to destroy opponents who visually look like the player himself, using bombs

The gameplay of this game is extremely simple. As in previous games, the player controls the Bomberman in an attempt to use bombs to blow up the other Bombermen. All of them are painted in different colors, and the color of the bombs corresponds to the color of the player who places them. For each enemy Bomberman blown up with one player’s bomb, he receives one kills point (no kills for killing a player with several Bombermen’s bombs). If the player blows himself up, he loses one point. The last surviving player to blow up the rest of the Bombermen on the field (before the time runs out, if it is not infinite) is given one point. The winner is the one who first scores either a certain number (set before the game) of points, or killed Bombermen.

As before, there are two types of walls: non-explosive (always located in the same way, through one) and exploding (arranged in accordance with the chosen labyrinth scheme). If a time limit is set for one game, then in the last minute, the word “Hurry!” will appear in the middle of the screen, and the screen will begin to be covered with non-explosive walls (from the edge of the field to the center). It depends on the settings how much of the field they will cover.

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