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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Platform, Puzzle, Console
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Android
License: GNU GPL
Interface: TUI
First release: 2015

CaveExpress – a classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels.

Master your pedal-powered flying machine to pick up packages from your cave-dwelling clients and drop them off at the collection point. But beware! Mighty mastodons, terrifying pterodactyls and others would rather see you extinct.

Keep your cave tidy. To do this, make sure that all the spread packages are put onto their targets. You can only push, pulling is not allowed.
You get higher ratings for lesser moves you need. The first few maps might be easy to solve – but the more you progress in the game, the harder the maps will be. The map set is the XSokoban one.

CavePacker is available for Android, GoogleNativeClient, Linux, MacOSX, Windows and HTML5.

– Multiplayer: Yes this sokoban player supports network based multiplayer games
– XSokoban, KSokoban and GRIGoRusha map sets are used in the game (more details)
– User made campaigns and maps can be easily added to the game
– Allows very very big maps that can be zoomed
– Solutions: Solutions are included for the bundled puzzles
– Deadlock detection: Some of the possible deadlock situations of a board are detected by the game
– Pathfinding: Clicking to a board position will let your player walk there (if possible)

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