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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Puzzle
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, MorphOS
License: Zlib
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Biniax
First release: 2005

Biniax-2 – an original and entertaining game. Takes a minute to learn and gives you hours and hours of gameplay. Discover the different Biniax-2 faces – for action heroes or careful strategists. Go to download section and get this amazing game absolutely free for Windows, Linux, Android, MorphOS, MacOSX, GP2X, WIZ, Pandora, XBox and Sony PSP.

Biniax-2 is the successor of Biniax – innovative game, recognized for it’s unique gameplay.

Biniax is open-source puzzle game, originally written for Microsoft Windows and Linux, but later ported to tens of other platforms by different nice people around the World. Today it can be found running on almost everything.

The game play is extremely simple – move around your block and clean your way ahead.

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