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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: 2019

CSFEC – an emulator of the Commodore 64 system (PAL model) based on the general framework of CPCEC and ZXSEC. It can read PRG programme files and TAP and T64 tape images, and it optionally supports one extra SID chip at port $D420 or $DE00, or two extra chips at ports $D420 and $D440 or $DE00 and $DF00.

It spans the files CSFEC.EXE, C64EN.ROM and C1541.ROM, and runs like CPCEC and ZXSEC, with some few differences:

– no options -mX, -kX or -K, as just one model is emulated at the moment, and no extended memory is available yet.
– no options -p and -P;
– firmware files (such as the included C64EN.ROM) are 20k files where the first 8k are the KERNAL ROM, the next 8k are the BASIC ROM, and the final 4k are the CHAR ROM.
– ESCAPE emulates the RUN/STOP key, TAB emulates CONTROL, CAPS LOCK emulates CONTROL+SHIFT, CONTROL emulates the C= key, INSERT emulates the POUND key, HOME emulates CLR/HOME, DELETE emulates ARROW UP, END emulates RESTORE and the numeric keypad emulates the F1-F8 function keys; notice that CSFEC automatically takes care of the dual SHIFT keypresses generated by some keys, for example CURSOR UP = CURSOR DOWN + SHIFT;
– joystick options apply to the C64 joystick port #2 by default; the menu allows choosing the joystick port #1 instead.

CSFEC can play the sampled sound from titles such as “Stormlord” if the option “SID 8580 type” is off, following the impact of the SID chip type in real machines on sample playback.

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