Web site: cngsoft.no-ip.org/cpcec.htm
Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: 2019

ZXSEC – an emulator of the Sinclair Spectrum family (48k, 128k, +2/Plus2 and +3/Plus3) based on the components it shared with the Amstrad CPC family: the Z80 microprocessor, the PSG AY-3-8192 sound chip, the tape system and the NEC765 disc drive controller. It also optionally emulates several add-ons: the Spectrum Dandanator extension, the Beta128 disc interface, the Pentagon 128 board, the 64-colour ULAplus video chip and the AY-Melodik 48k and Covox $FB sound chips.

It spans the files ZXSEC.EXE, SPECTRUM.ROM, SPEC128K.ROM, SPEC-P-2.ROM and SPEC-P-3.ROM, and otherwise runs the same as CPCEC, with several differences:

– option -mX chooses one out of four possible models: -m0 (48k), -m1 (128k), -m2 (+2) or -m3 (+3).
– option -K enables the Spectrum 16K memory mode (disabled by default) if the chosen model is Spectrum 48k;
– option -X disables the disc drives if the chosen model is Spectrum +3, that thus becomes a +2A instead; same outcome can happen on runtime by disabling “Settings: Disc controller” and selecting the firmware SPEC-P-3.ROM;
– options -p and -P enable and disable the Pentagon timings; they can be toggled within the emulator with Shift+F6, too;
– Control+Shift+F8 starts (or stops) the cassette motor, because the CPC hardware includes a built-in tape control, while the Spectrum hardware lacks it;
– SHIFT emulates the CAPS key, CONTROL emulates SYMBOL, cursors emulate CAPS+5/6/7/8, SHIFT LOCK emulates CAPS+2 (CAPS LOCK), TAB emulates CAPS+1 (EDIT) and ESCAPE emulates CAPS+SPACE (BREAK);
– joystick options apply to the Sinclair 2 interface by default; the menu and the options -g0, -g1, -g2, g3 and -g4 allow choosing the type of joystick.

ZXSEC can show Gigascreen effects (for example the demo “Mescaline Synesthesia” 2009 DeMarche) through the interlace options in the Video menu.

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