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Web site: emuloader.mameworld.info (not active)
Category: Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release: 2008

EmuCon – a GUI for many emulators systems: consoles, handhelds and computers. EmuCon is a frontend for console, computer and handheld emulators. It is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows XP and newer). Similar to Emu Loader, this project started as a hobby and an easy way for me to play SuperNES games with my computer.

– Any emulator that load games from the command line can be used
– View game preview images: title snapshot, game snapshot and box art
– Unzipped and zipped images support (.png and .jpg formats)
– Image preview layout mode. View three images at the same time. Layouts cannot be customized
– Easy access with popup menus and toolbar buttons
– Up to 4 different emulators can be used for each system. Some games might run better on different emulators
– Fully customizable emulator command line parameters
– Up to 4 different media types: cartridges, disc images, floppy disks, cassette tapes
– Two parameters for each media type. The 2nd parameter is optional and it’s implemented for special cases, specially Atari 800 and Amiga emulators, but it can be used on any system
– Mount/unmount disc images on a virtual drive (Daemon Tools, SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive, Alcohol 120%, etc). Required by some emulators. Select a virtual drive app in emulators setup screen and enable it in games popup menu
– Games folders separate by media type and with recursive scanning. You must place your games of different media in different folders
– Load games with multiple floppy disks (Amiga, Commodore 64/128/VIC-20, Atari 800/XL, Apple II/IIGS). Some usage rules must be followed. See .rtf documents in emucon_dir\docs\special_rules\ folder. This feature is hard-coded in EmuCon’s source and cannot be customized
– Unicode filenames support
– Video preview playback. Use an external media player to watch videos of your games
– Basic detection of bad .zip files (using ZipForge library)
– Settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used!
– Played games info; times played, last time played, total playtime
– Quick access of the last 25 played games you played. One list per system
– Create favorites lists. Multiple profiles supported
– Add more games to an existing list. Useful if you need to add more games located on different HDDs, CDs, external HDDs, etc
– Play games with the associated application in Windows
– Use a different font for each system

The last release was 2.7.7 published November 21, 2016.

This is a freeware software. It can be distributed freely as long as no modifications have been made. It cannot be sold. It cannot be used for commercial purposes. It’s an open source project, created with Borland Delphi 7. It’s totally free except from the compiler.

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