Web site: Category: Machine Emulators Platform: Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2008 Altirra – an 8-bit Atari emulator created from scratch. Altirra is designed to emulate the actual Atari hardware as closely as possible. Its compatibility has been increasing over time, and at this point it should run most software … Read more Altirra



Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Platform, Puzzle Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: Public Domain Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2008 ? Between – a pixelated art game for two players by Jason Rohrer. Between is a game for two players linked by a network server. You can play with a friend or find … Read more Between

Allure of the Stars

allure of the stars

Web site: (not active) Category: Games Sub-Category: Console Platform: Linux, Windows License: GNU AGPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 2008 Allure of the Stars – a near-future Sci-Fi rogue like and tactical squad combat game. The game is written in Haskell using the LambdaHack rogue like game engine. Not a single picture in this … Read more Allure of the Stars



Web site: Category: Others Platform: Linux, OS X, Chrome OS License: Proprietary Interface: GUI Wikipedia: CrossOver_(software) First release: 2008 CrossOver – a polished version of Wine provided by CodeWeavers. CrossOver makes it easier to use Wine and CodeWeavers provides excellent technical support to its users. All purchases of CrossOver are used to directly fund … Read more CrossOver

Gens/GS S2HD

gens/gs s2hd

Web site: Category: Emulators Platform: Linux, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: March 2008 Gens/GS S2HD – a special edition of Gens/GS. It is designed to run the classic Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (and Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2) in High Definition. Features in Gens/GS r7 … Read more Gens/GS S2HD