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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Simulation
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: FooBillard++
First release: 2002 (FooBillard)

FooBillard++ – an advanced 3D OpenGL billiard game based on the original foobillard 3.0a sources from Florian Berger. You can play it with one or two players or against the computer. It is not a new game, but an enhanced version of the great foobillard 3.0a by Florian Berger.

– Wood paneled table with gold covers and gold diamonds.
– Reflections on balls.
– Zoom in and out, rotation, different angles and bird’s eye view.
– Different game modes: 8 or 9-ball, Snooker or Karambol.
– Tournaments. Compete against other players.
– Animated cue with strength and eccentric hit adjustment.
– Jump shots and snipping.
– Realistic gameplay and billiard sounds.
– Red-Green stereo.
– And much more.

FooBillard was started around 2002 by Florian Berger. The cue sports simulator is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Originally implemented for Linux it was and ported to AROS, Mac OS X,[1] MorphOS and Windows. The most recently released version is 3.0a.

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