Hamilton C Shell

Last Updated on: 27th December 2023, 06:50 pm

Web site: hamiltonlabs.com/Cshell.htm
Category: Others
Platform: Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: Hamilton C Shell
First release: December 1988

Hamilton C Shell – a complete Unix shell environment for Windows, including all the important utilities, mv, cp, rm, more, grep, fgrep, head, tail, diff, sed, cron, tar and so on. There’s even a real chown, a real su (super user) and a sudo alias to run a command elevated. And everything works under every version of Windows ever made, including the latest, Windows 10.

Hamilton C shell recreates everything in Bill Joy’s brilliant Berkeley C shell, starting with a language that’s prettier and more like C than anything based on the older Bourne shell syntax. We’ve also recreated all the original C shell’s interactive features that made it so delightful, including history and command and filename completion.

Hamilton C shell brings all that to life on Windows with a completely fresh implementation, every line of code created from scratch.

Hamilton C shell is the only Unix shell specifically designed for Windows and the Win32 API, not merely ported in from somewhere else. So it’s still the only one that understands the Windows file system, all the rest of the conventions on Windows and how to use threads.

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