Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Games Others Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 1988 Deal – this program generates bridge hands. It can be told to generate only hands satisfying conditions like being balanced, having a range of HCPs, controls, or other user-definable properties. Hands can be … Read more

Battle Chess

battle chess

Web site: Category: Games Sub-Category: Board Platform: Amiga, 3D0, Acorn, Apple II, Atari, Commodore 64, DOS, Fujitsu FM TOWNS, NES, OS X, NEC, Sharp X68000, Windows License: Proprietry Interface: TUI Wikipedia: Battle Chess First release: 1988 Battle Chess – a computer game with animated three-dimensional graphics, that was originally developed by Interplay Entertainment in 1988 … Read more

Hamilton C Shell

hamilton c shell

Web site: Category: Others Platform: Windows License: Proprietary Interface: CLI Wikipedia: Hamilton C Shell First release: December 1988 Hamilton C Shell – a complete Unix shell environment for Windows, including all the important utilities, mv, cp, rm, more, grep, fgrep, head, tail, diff, sed, cron, tar and so on. There’s even a real chown, … Read more