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Category: Emulators
Platform: DOS, Linux, OS X, Windows
License: Freeware
Interface: CLI
First release: 2002

KiGB – a free portable emulator for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy for Windows, Linux and MS-DOS, with port of Mac OS as well.

KiGB provides the best compatibility and accuracy in graphics, sound and timing. 4×4 World Trophy, Carmageddon, Prehistorik Man, Demotronic Final Demo and Color Panel Demo among others are first emulated perfectly in KiGB. Please see the compatibilty pages in my web page for results on the compatibility tests on KiGB and 4 most popular and highly-rated emulators, namely, VisualBoyAdvance, bgb, no$gmb and TGB Dual.

Starting from v1.20, Game Link Cable is emulated. You can now play games in 2-player mode via TCP/IP network. See link.txt for details. Super Game Boy (SGB) emulation is added in v1.30. See sgb.txt for the current emulation status.

– In SGB mode, up to 4 players can be supported
– Support of the game “Gameboy Camera” (without the camera functions)
– Per-game configuration such that each game can have its own custom palettes (GB only), key mapping, etc.
– Support Gameboy Printer.
– Support boot ROM for GB.
– Simulate boot ROM for GBC.
– Support an experimental graphics effect


KiGB 2.08 OS X
md5sum: a4ccb3a4a0c44e76e2d7188895db9063

KiGB 2.05 Windows
md5sum: be2b19b45bc5a3d2211ff6347080225e

KiGB 2.04 DOS
md5sum: 7de7afc023f775d6f964e358f9dd078c

KiGB 2.03 Linux 477KB.tar.gz
md5sum: fdacfb4541129d987219771ca40bcd3b

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