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Web site: www.lcdf.org/xmahjongg/
Category: Games
Sub-Category: Board, Cards
Platform: Linux, Unix-like
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 1998

Xmahjongg – a social game that originated in China thousands of years ago. Four players, named after the four winds, take tiles from a wall in turn. The best tiles are made of ivory and wood; they click pleasantly when you knock them together.

Xmahjongg is a simple solitaire game. The object is to remove all 144 Mah Jongg tiles from the playing area by matching them two at a time.

Computer Solitaire Mah Jongg (xmahjongg being one of the sillier examples) is nothing like that but it’s fun, or it must be, since there are like 300 shareware versions available for Windows. This is for X11/Unix and it’s free.

– Those pretty, round-edged colored tiles
– Multiple tile sets (it comes with ten)
– Multiple layouts (it comes with twenty-four)
– Undo and redo
– Helpful hints for happy play, and a clean button for cheating
– Boards that are always solvable (but you can turn this feature off)
– It can show you a solution
– Aesthetics (or ugliness, depending on your taste)

Xmahjongg can use layout files and tilesets designed for several other Mah Jongg programs. In particular, it can read layouts in Kyôdai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and original Xmahjongg format, and tilesets in Kyôdai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and Gnome Mahjongg format. (Tilesets must first be converted to GIF format.)

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