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Web site: www.techfirm.co.jp/~masaoki/xshisen.html (not active)
Category: Games
Sub-Category: Board, Strategy
Platform: Linux
License: BSD
Interface: GUI
First release: November 4, 1995

XShisen – a puzzle game for X11. Similar to the famous “Shang-hai”, your objective is to remove all the pieces on the board. XShisen requires a pointing device like mouse. It cannot be controlled with only keyboard.

This game allows you to use either “original” XShisen images, or – at your choice – images from KShisen.

The game will be over when you remove all the pieces on the board. The pieces can be removed only when both of the following conditions are true.
1. The 2 pieces have the same picture
2. The 2 pieces can be connected with up to 3 lines which do not go over other pieces.

The project founder is Masaoki Kobayashi.

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