Alter Ego

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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Console, RPG
Platform: DOS, Commodore 64, OS X, Android
License: Proprietary
Interface: TUI
Wikipedia: Alter_Ego_(1986_video_game)
First release: April 27, 1986

Alter Ego – a RPG video game created by Peter J. Favaro for the Commodore 64, DOS, Apple II, and the Apple Macintosh in 1986.

In this text-based interactive fiction, you choose what happens next. It’s in the style of pick-a-path gamebooks, but with over a thousand multiple-choice questions, it’s much longer and deeper than traditional gamebooks. Alter Ego starts at birth and ends at death, including two substantially different versions, depending on whether you choose to be male or female.

The current edition of the Alter Ego game is a production of Choose Multiple LLC. This edition includes an updated interface and fixes bugs in the original version of the game, but the content of the game hasn’t changed from the original 1986 version of the game.

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