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Web site: www.ulrich-cordes.de/cpc/english/cpcemu.htm
Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: unknown (source code available)
Interface: GUI
First release: unknown

CPC4X – an Amstrad CPC computer emulator designed for the Linux platform. It supports up to 576KB of memory and 7 ROM images loaded. It is also compatible with Vortex’ XDOS.

cpc4x uses the Z80 microprocessor emulator developed by Marat Fayzullin, which is written in C. For memory and I/O access the microprocessor emulator jumps to special C functions. Those I filled with program code so that this emulated Z80 find the emulated hardware of a CPC. It seems to be easy, but it sounds easier than it is.

cpc4x will be provided as source code only and can be compiled and executed on any modern Linux system It is even unimportant, which window manager you are using. cpc4x uses only the X11 system and the dialogs are realized with TCL/Tk.

The project founder is Ulrich Cordes.

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