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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: August 2015

GnGeo-cjp – a fork of the GnGeo emulator with a number of bugfixes and modifications.

Most of the function keys work again, and a segfault that occurs when loading a saved game has been fixed (along with some others). You can now specify a path to a config file on the command-line. The default font has been make proportional to maximise screen real estate, and the user can now specify messages that appear on the screen (the aim of this is to put a summary of moves onscreen though there’s only room for a few. You can also have date/time and hostname through the use of % format strings. Default rompath and biospath can now be set at compile time. Joystick input can be disabled (this wasn’t working and on laptops the touchpad is often detected as a joystick, causing all kinds of problems).

Gngeo offers a choice of emulator cores for the z80 and m68000 microprocessors.
Unfortunately not all of these compile any more.

Gngeo is built around many different block with various licence.
The original code is released under the GPLV2 with this special exeption.
Gngeo could not exist without the Mame project, and some code come directly from it (the ym2610 for example). As you may know, the Mame license forbid commercial use, and as a consequence, commercial use of GnGeo (as a whole) is also forbiden. This is the same with Cyclone, Drz80, Raze and Starscream.

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