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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2006

GnGeo – a NeoGeo emulator for Linux. GnGeo is build arround many different block with various licence. The original code is released under the GPLV2 with this special exeption.

GnGeo could not exist without the Mame project, and some code come directly from it (the ym2610 for example). As you may know, the Mame licence forbid commercial use, and as a conscequence, commercial use of gngeo (as a whole) is also forbided. This is the same with Cyclone, Drz80, Raze and Starscream.

GnGeo depend on the folowing libs: libSDL (1.2.x), zlib. Allso, if you’re under a Pentium class processor, it is recommended to install nasm (0.98), so you can profit of i386asm and mmx optimisation. If you want opengl blitter, you need opengl dev header. Of course, you need a NeoGeo bios. A neogeo bios consist of the folowing files: neo-geo.rom, ng-sfix.rom and ng-lo.rom

The principal development platform is Linux for i386. But GnGeo is portable, and it should compile on different architecture and OS. Actually, GnGeo is regulary tested on UltraSPARC (Linux and Solaris).

– Relatively fast emulation (PII 300 in enough in most case)
– Emulate arcade and home system
– Raster effect (use in super side kick 2,3,4 and some other game)
– Nebula/Kawaks transparency pack support
– Interpolation between frame (smoother animation)
– Soft, Opengl and YUV blitters
– Many different effects (scanline, scale2x etc.)
– Save state
– Free as in free speech

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