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Web site: gog.com
Category: Game Platforms
Platform: cross-platform
Interface: Web interface
Wikipedia: GOG.com
First release: 2008

GOG.com (previously: Good Old Games) – a digital distribution platform with a curated selection of games, a “you buy it, you own it” philosophy, and utmost care about customers. It offers a selection of great DRM-free games, from modern hits to all-time classics, that you really shouldn’t miss.

– A curated selection of games – From exceptional AAAs, unique indies to the best of classic gaming. Every game is here because we chose it for you.
Feeding your inner collector
– Offering games with as many goodies as possible is the GOG.com way – even if it means exploring our long forgotten basements and attics.
– Respecting game creators – When you’re with us, you can be sure that all games are legitimate, and your purchases support rightful owners and creators.
– Upgrading classics for present-day – Even if the game is older than you are, we test it thoroughly, fix all the bugs, and apply patches so it runs flawlessly on your next-gen PC and on modern OSs.
– Every game deserves to shine – As much attention we’re giving to pick great games, the same goes to highlighting them on GOG.com – treating each release as a celebration.

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