Harvest Moon

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Platform: Nintendo SNES
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
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First release: August 9, 1996

Harvest Moon – an RPG/sim that’s set to play out in a specific amount of time, and the way you choose to budget that time is where the core gameplay gets going. You can choose to focus on growing crops, working the land to produce bountiful harvests of turnips, potatoes, corn and the like. Or you can choose to center your efforts on livestock, raising a coop full of healthy chickens and a stable of milk-producing cattle. Or you can choose to just blow it all off and spend all your time exploring the mountainous countryside, fishing and taking trips to the spa.

The Harvest Moon series is a popular work published by Marvelous. 26 years ago today, the memorable first Harvest Moon was released on the Super Famicom. This game was a pioneer in farm and ranch simulation games, and it is no exaggeration to say that it had a great influence on subsequent works in the same genre.

The origin of the game is so ingrained in the minds of long-time game fans that when describing a game that involves running a farm or ranch, they say, It’s like Harvest Moon. To date, more than 30 series titles have been produced, with a wide variety of content variations. I think a wide variety of gamers, young and old, have enjoyed this series.

Players not only take care of animals such as cows and chickens, but also work in the fields to grow crops such as turnips, potatoes, and corn. There are also elements such as procuring wood, expanding your home, and steadily developing your ranch, and the depiction of the ideal slow life that many players dream of is a major attraction that has continued from the first work. It has become. I’m so jealous of being able to spend each day leisurely, carefree, and to the fullest.

There are also collaborations and spin-offs in the Harvest Moon series. Particularly popular is the Rune Factory series, which incorporates elements of fantasy RPGs. Originally, it was called Rune Factory – New Harvest Moon, one of the works in the New Harvest Moon series produced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Harvest Moon series, but it was later made into a series. The latest work Rune Factory 5 was just released on May 20, 2021.

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