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Web site: kxmame.sourceforge.io
Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2005

kxmame – a KDE frontend for xmame/xmess. Based on gxmame with many UI improvements and fixes and added support for xmess.

Version 2.x provides:

Support xmess using the same simple kxmame-1.x interface. It’s as simple as selecting your game console, double-clicking your rom file to launch a game. Individually zipped roms are supported.

Overhaul of kxmame navigation using joystick. Without touching keyboard or mouse, you can use your joystick to browse the game list, the filter list, launch a game, switching between xmame/xmess executables, launch alternative emulators. The joystick buttons used for these tasks can be customized in the menu. (The default button settings are for my PS2 pad, so it mightnot work with other joystick).

Crudely support alternative emulators for xmess. See the file “alternative.dat” included in kxmame source for details (kxmame offers no controls over the video, audio or input settings of alternative emulators). Using this file, you can even trick kxmame into running emulators for systems that are not supported by xmess yet!

Many other smaller improvements: more meaningful error messages, slightly more efficient memory usage, better context menu, allow disabling video preview in “configure kxmame”.

The last version was released in 2007.

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