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Web site: anti-particle.com/wahcade.shtml
Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2005

Wah!Cade – a GNU/Linux friendly clone of Minwah’s excellent MameWAH. It’s a front end for games and emulators (e.g. the M.A.M.E. arcade game emulator), and has been designed with arcade cabinet controls & projects in mind. The source code is released under the GNU GPL license.

– It’s MameWAH for GNU/Linux.
– It uses MameWah’s config files and layouts.
– It has a keyboard controlled GUI – Perfect for those arcade controls.
– It supports the various versions of MAME (e.g. x.mame, ADVmame, SDLmame) and many other emulators too.
– A History Viewer.
– A Control Panel Viewer.
– A Layout Editor.
– A Setup Editor.

Wah!Cade uses MameWAH’s config system, so if you have an existing MameWAH setup you can use a copy of it’s various config files. If so, you’ll need to copy the following directories from an existing MameWAH installation into the ~/.wahcade directory:
– ctrlr
– files (optional)
– ini
– layouts

Wah!Cade is Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Andy Balcombe.


Wah!Cade 0.99pre8 source code 525KB.tar.gz
md5sum: 88873138a885cdab832e5af67863c945

Wah!Cade 0.99pre8 869KB.rpm
md5sum: f8d5afaf3dfe3912f32c30e31885b5c5

Wah!Cade 0.99pre8 859KB.deb
md5sum: e9b00af18fc8115575eb04fb7e6460d7

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