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Category: Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: unknown (source code available)
Interface: GUI
First release: 2002

MAMEWAH – a customisable multiple emulator frontend capable of running countless emulators, including everyone’s favourite arcade emulator, M.A.M.E. MAMEWAH is primarily intended for use with real arcade controls, including joysticks (digital or analog), trackballs and spinners. MAMEWAH hides the Windows environment which makes it ideal for use in a home arcade cabinet.

Main features:
– windows appearance fully hidden
– fully customisable appearance using supplied Layout Designer
– support for up to 10 types of artwork (images)
– movie preview support (& intro / exit movies) (avi / mpg / mpeg / wmv)
– event sound effects (wav)
– background music support (mid / midi / rmi / mp3 / wma)
– fully customisable keyboard, mouse & pc joystick device support
– practically unlimited multiple emulator support
– pc game / application support
– various list generation methods & emulator launch properties
– catver.ini support
– nms file support (for displaying real game names from short filenames)
– multiple lists supported (per emulator)
– ability to create lists using filters
– auto-generation of favourites lists (most played / longest played)
– various built-in screen-savers
– keyboard led control
– built-in IPAC programming (WinIPAC) support
– support for (serial port interfaced) lcd screens


MAMEWAH 1.69 source code
md5sum: 00ada1a154b197c3b4aac76f15d90a8d

md5sum: d9ee6fb44463029ff8e5f4a4adf7ca20

MAMEWAH 1.69 res tool
md5sum: cbef627df0834a55b379dab837f6e23c

md5sum: efbce33786bd2b54b2d813300c8f674f

md5sum: cbcb7d8d4f1c92b47eaf709a430d3b7a

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